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Since 2011, Phill documented car culture in his home town of Los Angeles and the USA at large.  As a staff photographer with StanceNation, Phill chased some of the internet's most notorious rides all across Southern California.  Performance and Sound Magazine has published his photos on cover features, technical articles, and the SEMA trade show.

Since 2018, he has set up base camp in a tidy apartment in Paris.  The idea is to continue shooting cars except this time, documenting vintage motor sports and classic car events throughout Europe.

The United States has a rather unfettered scene propelled by individuals' style and willingness to mod (all backed by an extensive aftermarket industry).  With what France lacks in a developed car modification scene (aka no over fenders anywhere!), they make up for it with the wealth of legendary cars that the USA has never seen.  Cars that battled during the 24hrs of Le Mans, which started in 1923 mind you!  Cars that have won.  Cars that have lost.  Cars that were lost, then found.  Some are cars that are the last remaining relic of their era.  Group A Le Mans and DTM cars, infamous Group B rally cars, and the underappreciated prototype Group C cars.

Phillip looks forward to developing this activity while discovering, through photography, the classic motorsport scene. 

You can find his commercial work here , printed works here, more freestyle personal works here.  Lastly, a list of published works online can be referenced here.

Currently available for projects throughout Europe and the USA. Don't hesitate to contact me, or simply email me; handsomeandphilthy@gmail.com

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